Dynamite – Westlife single

Dynamite, released July 2019, was the 3rd single from Westlife’s album Spectrum, and their 29th single release in the UK.

Listen to the song and see the video on YouTube:

Mark described Dynamite as “the sister song to Hello My Love, it’s kind of in the same world – it’s an uptempo song, a big, colourful song with a big production”.

When can I listen to Dynamite? Where can I download it?

Dynamite was released on Friday 5 July 2019. The single is available to download and stream from the following places:

Dynamite single version

Dynamite Midnight mix

A remix of the single was released on 25 July 2019. The remix is called the Midnight mix, and has been described as ‘ambient’ and ‘enchanting’. Producers Red Triangle co-produced the single together with the multi-talented Mark Feehily.

Westlife - Dynamite (Midnight mix)

Did Westlife sing Dynamite on tour?

Westlife’s Twenty Tour kicked off in May 2019, before the single was released (or even announced). As a result, Dynamite didn’t feature on the setlist for the early dates on the tour.

The single’s debut performance was on the day the song was released, Friday 5 July 2019 (also Shane Filan’s 40th birthday!), when Westlife performed Dynamite live on stage as part of their Twenty Tour gig at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland. Dynamite was then added to the setlist for shows on the rest of the tour.

Westlife - Dynamite
The Twenty Tour programme contains the title of the single

Eagle-eyed fans may have spotted the words ‘Dynamite‘ superimposed on pictures of the lads in the Twenty Tour programme – see image above. This was a subtle hint of the title of the single, as the single wasn’t announced until the tour was well underway. (Fun fact: Mark Feehily designed the programme!)

Westlife officially announced the title of the new single, and the release date, while they were live on stage in Birmingham, UK. The guys made the announcement at their show on Friday 21 June 2019, exactly two weeks before the single’s planned release date.

Where can I find the song lyrics?

The chorus of Dynamite is:

We are exploding colours that shine
In purple and green and red
(In the sky)
Love is unfolding before our eyes
And lighting the way ahead
(Like fireflies)
This is a memory in our minds
That we will never forget
(You and I)
We are the love
And we are the night,
We are

Read the full lyrics: Westlife Dynamite lyrics >

What’s Dynamite all about?

Dynamite is an upbeat, uptempo love song. We think it sounds perfect for summer! Westlife have said:

“It’s about how falling in love creates such glow and light in someone’s life that it literally lights up the world around them.”

source – The Sun

Is the song written by Ed Sheeran?

Yes, Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac co-wrote Dynamite. At the time of the Dynamite single release Shane confirmed in an interview that Ed Sheeran had written six of the songs on Westlife’s album Spectrum, however the final album release only included five tracks written by Ed.

Steve Mac is well known as the co-writer and producer of a number of Westlife’s most popular hits over the years, including Flying Without Wings and What Makes a Man.

The two singles released prior to DynamiteHello My Love and Better Man – were also co-written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.

Westlife have said:

“This is our third single that has been co-written by Ed Sheeran. It has been amazing to work with him and he really has put his stamp on our upcoming album Spectrum.”

source – The Sun

Where and when was the Dynamite music video filmed?

The Dynamite music video was filmed in June/July 2019 and (finally!) released on Friday 23 August 2019.

Initial filming for the music video took place at Arena Birmingham, on Saturday 22 June 2019 – Nicky shared a behind-the-scenes clip from the “secret video shoot”, featuring lots of colourful lighting effects.

The video also includes on stage and audience shots from Westlife’s Twenty Tour show at Croke Park stadium in Dublin on Friday 5 July 2019. This is the day that the single was released, and the first time that Westlife performed Dynamite on stage.

The video also includes shots of a ‘colour run’ event filmed in Dublin in July 2019. Mark has explained the video was inspired by the ‘amazing visual’ of Holi, the Hindu festival of love or colours.

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