New Westlife Album 2019

Yes, it’s true — Westlife have announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new album in 2019!  This will be their first album release since Westlife’s Greatest Hits was released in November 2011.

Westlife in Singapore, February 2019. Photo: @markusfeehily

What’s the release date for the new album?

Westlife’s new album is set to be released in 2019.

The guys have said that they plan to release a couple of singles before the Twenty Tour starts in May 2019 — this includes Hello My Love, and another single also by Ed Sheeran. The new album will follow later in the year, once the tour is complete.

The release date for the album hasn’t been confirmed yet, as it’s still in progress. Louis Walsh previously said that Westlife would go back into the studio in January 2019 to finish recording it (Source – Irish News), and Westlife themselves have said that the album will be released towards the end of the year.

Mark says:

“We don’t have exact dates by any means. We’d love to have an album ready for [2019] but in saying that, we’re entering into ‘Westlife 2.0’ and it’s about doing it right, and if it’s ready it’ll be ready.”

“We’ve already begun recording a new album and we’re really excited about the few songs we’ve already done, so we just can’t wait to get back out and finish it as soon as possible.”

Source – Press Conference, 23 Oct 2018

Shane also explains that there’s some more work in the recording studio to do before the album’s ready:

“We’ve only got three songs recorded, so we have to get another probably ten [recorded].”

SOURCE – Magic FM interview, 9 January 2019

Shane adds that they want the new album to be better than their very first album Westlife, which he reckons is their best album to date:

“We’re trying to make the best album we’ve ever made”

Source – Facebook live, 7 February 2019

What’s the tracklist?

Details of the tracks to be included on the album are yet to be announced, but we can be sure that it will feature the Hello My Love, the new Westlife single, written by Ed Sheeran.

Ed has also written another track, Anywhere, for the new album, which is described as a “feel-good love song”. (Source –

Who’s written the songs?

There are no less than four tracks written by Ed Sheeran – including Hello My Love and Anywhere. Louis Walsh (Westlife’s manager) also approached James Arthur, of X-Factor fame, for new material for the guys to record. Louis says:

“Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac are the best songwriting team on the planet right now. The two lads have written four tracks on the new Westlife album, one of them is an uptempo anthem… which is going to be massive.”

(source – The Sun)

Steve Mac’s name may be familiar as he co-wrote (and produced) some of Westlife’s most popular songs to date. This includes the hits Flying Without Wings, Swear it Again, and What Makes a Man.

Shane says:

“The first two songs we’ve done are just incredible songs, with incredible lyrics and melodies. Steve Mac is one of our longest and most influential producers we’ve had throughout our entire career. He’s done most of our biggest hits and has worked previously with Ed [Sheeran] on Shape of You.”

Source – 1883 Magazine

Steve Mac adds:

“There’s a few songs at the moment. We’re not sure how many will end up on the album. It just was fantastic getting back with [Westlife] and having that first meeting … I wanted to get back in there and all the feelings came back and the key changes come out and the gospel choirs … it’s gonna be great”

Source – The List

When asked in a Facebook Live interview if there are any covers on the new album, Westlife suggested that there are unlikely to be any – all the songs recorded so far are brand new ones.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear all of the new tracks!

Where can I buy the new Westlife album? Is it available to pre-order?

You can pre-order the new Westlife album online at the following sites:

The CD album’s priced £10.99 (GBP).

New Westlife Album

Where can I listen to the album?

The album isn’t yet available on any streaming sites…we’ll keep you posted when it’s available.

Will Anywhere be the second single from the album?

We’re not sure of the title of the second single to be released from the album yet as it hasn’t been announced, however we do know that the single is written by Ed Sheeran – who also wrote Hello My Love.

Westlife have described the second single as “much more classic Westlife, with a touch of Ed Sheeran” (Source – Facebook live).

Want to know more about Westlife’s new album? We’ll keep this page updated as and when details are released, so check back for updates or follow us on Twitter.

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