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New Westlife album

The newly-announced Westlife comeback album. Tracklisting and release date to be confirmed, but the album’s available for pre-order now.

Buy new Westlife album – £10.99

Mark Feehily – Christmas

Get in a festive mood with Mark’s solo Christmas CD, released December 2017.

Buy digital album – £4.99

Shane Filan – Love Always

Shane’s solo album, released August 2017. Featuring favourites such as ‘Beautiful in White’, ‘This I Promise You’ and ‘Eternal Flame’.

Buy CD – £4.99

Buy digital album – £8.99

Kian Egan – Home

Kian’s solo album, released March 2014. It includes a duet with his wife, Jodi Albert.

Buy CD – £4.85

Buy digital album – £8.99

Nicky Byrne – Sunlight

Nicky’s solo album, released May 2014. It includes the song, Sunlight, that Nicky performed at the Eurovision song contest, representing Ireland.

Buy CD – £3.24

Buy digital album – £1.99

If you’re looking to buy other Westlife albums, please see links on the music page.

Inspired by Westlife

This isn’t Westlife merchandise but one step better: below you can find a selection of clothing and other products inspired by the guys…instead of “As Seen on Screen” these are all “As Seen on Westlife”!

We’ve searched high and low for these so you can feel closer to the guys by owning the same piece of clothing or using the same products that they do…*

*not literally the same item of clothing, but hopefully you get the idea!

Ireland Beanie hat …as worn by Nicky

As modelled by Nicky on his Instagram for his birthday celebrations last year, 9 October 2017, when Ireland qualified for the World Cup.

Buy Ireland Beanie hat – £4.55

Happy socks… bought by Shane

Happy socks in a “Disco Tribe” blue and yellow polka dot pattern. These patterned socks in a gift box were posted by Shane on his Instagram (Dec 2017). He bought them in his 1st online purchase as “Christmas essentials”.

Buy Happy socks – £8.00

Scented candle …inspired by Mark

Mark has said his “ultimate guilty pleasure” is buying “expensive scented candles” (see Irish Post, Dec 2017) and that he loves the smell of a turf fire in the winter (Irish Examiner, Dec 2017). We reckon these candles might fit the bill until Mark decides to launch his own range…

Buy scented candle – £14.99

Baseball cap …as worn by Kian

Kian loves to go surfing and can often be seen sporting surf and sports wear. This is a black baseball cap, by California-based clothing company RVCA, as worn by Kian on his Instagram (May 2017).

Buy baseball cap – £25

Legends t-shirt …as worn by Nicky

Black t-shirt with the wording “Legends are born in October” – as modelled by Nicky for his birthday celebrations on Instagram (October 2018). Available in men’s or women’s sizes Small to XX Large.

Buy men’s t-shirt – £9.99 Buy women’s t-shirt – £10.99

To Hell or Barbados …as read by Mark

As featured on Mark’s Instagram (May 2017). Mark commented: “Fascinating!! If you look past the last 100 years and go to 200/300/400 years ago there’s a whole lot of stuff we don’t talk about or know about, like the fact that Irish slaves taught people how to speak English in Barbados hence the way you can hear Irish pronunciations in the accent there”

Buy book – £7.40

Sweets… like Shane

Sweets as requested by Shane for his tour rider – Fruit Mentos and Haribo cola bottles – as seen on his Instagram (June 2017). Shane has said on his Instagram that “cola bottles are the most important thing on my rider”.

Buy Mentos Fruit sweets – £2.55

Buy Haribo cola bottles – £3.78

Sligo county flag

The county flag of Sligo, in the west of Ireland – home town of Shane, Mark and Kian. Shane posed with the flag on his Instagram (Oct 2017).

Buy flag – £11.99

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