My Blood – Westlife single

Westlife’s single My Blood was released Friday 25 October 2019. My Blood was the fourth single release from Westlife’s album Spectrum, and their 30th single release in the UK.

Where can I listen to My Blood? Where can I download it?

The My Blood single was released on Friday 25 October 2019. The single is available to download and stream from the following places:

Did Ed Sheeran write the single?

Yes, like the previous three Westlife singles – Hello My Love, Better Man, and DynamiteMy Blood was co-written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac. Westlife have said:

This is our fourth single that has been co-written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac. It has been brilliant to work with them.

Steve Mac’s name may be familiar as the co-writer of a number of Westlife’s top hits, including Flying Without Wings. It’s the eleventh Westlife single that Steve Mac has written.

Where can I find the song lyrics?

See the Westlife – My Blood song lyrics >

What’s the song My Blood all about?

Described as ‘powerfully poignant’, Nicky Byrne has said that My Blood is a love song with a deeper meaning:

“It’s about growing up, it’s a love song. You can see Ed is talking about being a parent and watching your child grow up and giving them the best tools to deal with life like bullying. “

(Source – Daily Star)

The song has been described as having “a strong anti-bullying message” (source – Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian sing about the emotion of raising family and protecting their children, and in a first for Westlife, the music video for the single features all of the band’s children.

Westlife My Blood music video

Where was the music video filmed? Who’s in it?

Westlife filmed the music video for My Blood on location in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Kian posted a behind-the-scenes shot captioned “Video shoot Day!” on Instagram on 14 September 2019.

The video begins with the words ‘Dedicated to our children and yours.’

All the Westlife members’ children feature in the video. Speaking in September 2019, Nicky stated:

“What’s amazing about it is that all of our children are in it. Mark obviously, his little girl is due in the next month or so. All of our kids are in it, and there’ll be something special happening later on when his [Mark’s] little girl is born”

(Source: Today FM)

At the end of the video Mark holds baby Layla, his daughter, who was born on 3 October 2019. The video of newborn Layla and Mark is home footage taken by Mark’s fiancé Cailean.

As for what the single sounds like? Shane says:

“It’s a huge statement but I think ‘My Blood‘ has the same power as Flying Without Wings did in 1999; it’s just one of those songs that will connect.”

(Source – Daily Star)

Nicky also adds:

“It is safe to say it is Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac at their best!”

(Source – Daily Star)

See the music video on Westlife’s official YouTube channel.

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