My Hero – Westlife single, November 2021

Westlife’s song My Hero was released on 4 November 2021. It’s the second single from the group’s twelfth studio album, Wild Dreams.

Where can I download or stream the song My Hero?

The single is available for download and streaming at the following sites:

Who wrote Westlife’s song My Hero?

The song My Hero is co-written by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, and Steve Mac.

Steve Mac is well known as the co-writer and producer of some of Westlife’s most popular songs to date, including Flying Without Wings, What Makes a Man, and Hello My Love.

Westlife’s TV performance of My Hero on Pride of Britain Awards

Westlife performed ‘My Hero’ for the very first time on the Pride of Britain Awards show. The guys sang the song live at the awards show on 30 October 2021; it was broadcast on UK ITV Thursday 4 November 2021.

Westlife’s live TV performance of the song can be seen on ITV Hub in the UK (the performance is at the end of the show).

The single was made available straight after the broadcast of the show, which was watched by an audience of over five million people.

What’s the song all about?

Westlife have said “My Hero has such beautiful lyrics. It is a powerful, heartfelt song which has such a strong meaning for all of us.”

‘The single reminds us of the heroics people have shown over the last 18 months [during the covid pandemic] and it also reflects on our own loved-ones who so often have been our own personal heroes.” (Source:

Is there an acoustic version of Westlife My Hero?

Yes! In addition to the studio version of the song, Westlife have performed an acoustic version, recorded during a rehearsal in London. The acoustic version features both Kian and Shane on guitar. See the full video below:

Wait… Shane is playing guitar?

Shane took guitar lessons during the covid pandemic lockdown in 2020, commenting: “I have actually started playing the guitar which is something that for 25 years I have wanted to do.” He also said after learning guitar that his aim was to play on stage: “in a couple of years, I would hope to be able to play the guitar on stage with Kian, maybe do an acoustic song” (source: Irish Mirror).

So in future the acoustic version of My Hero could even make it to a live show, perhaps even in Westlife’s next live tour – we hope!

Where can I find the My Hero song lyrics? Who sings which part?

Lyrics from the chorus of My Hero are as follows:

And I feel like…
You are my hero
I want you to know
That I feel like
You are my hero

The guys take turns in singing each verse, we’ve included who sings which part on our lyrics page.

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